Taurus Dexter demo – Machina

This is the demo of my Taurus Dexter Mk2 Octaver (the Mk2 has a smaller footprint and accepts both 9 and 12V power supplies for greater convenience.

Full specs:


The Dexter is a polyphonic octaver with an independent octave above the original signal and another one below, both with their dedicated level and range controls. The “range” control effectively narrows or widens the bandwidth to control the occurrence of artifacts generated often by this type of unit, and you can go from a tight, precise tracking effect to the well known “organ like” sounds with a lot of useful ground in between.

Tracking on the unit is excellent even when playing quick chord sequences, and there’s more to the unit than just the well known exaggerated octaver effects that have been around for a while.

Recording was done using my Caparison Brocken 8-string with stock DiMarzios into a Kemper with profiles of both my Laney Ironheart 60 with a Tubescreamer boosting it and a EVH 50W. No post production other than customary basic mastering was used the Dexter is in the Kemper’s loop set as a normal series mono FX loop.

Here are two demos of the Dexter showcasing the more pronounced / extreme uses of it excellently:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9unAmHeQSk – Darek using a MkI

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XaF0_cbKmLw – Dennis Kayzer creating some fantastic ambient sounds and textures.