New video – guest solo for Ola Englund

My good friend Ola asked me to record a lead on one of his tracks. Needless to say, I said “send it over, dude!” and the rest is history! :)

This is a still unreleased song from Feared called Vintersol, and here’s Ola’s video edit of the whole thing, yours truly included. Check out Ola Englund’s righteous metal playing and glorious amp demos at: and

There are some amazing production tips and patches on his site as well, and I can’t recommend them highly enough!

For this vid, here are both signal chains:
Ola Englund: Strictly 7 Guitars Solar7 – Engl Victor Smolski – Hesu 2×12 – SM57 – Focusrite Saffire 24

Me: Jaden Rose Spider #3 (her first official vid! Yay!) – Eleven Rack (yes, I’m a minimalist at times :P )

Please remember: my album Atonement is out now, so if you’re interested in getting a free track or check out some of the tracks on the album, please go to

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