New song up – Machina

Machina is the second song for my new album, coming early next year, called Transcendence (the first one was Roland’s Last Stand, which is now finished as well). Mix is evidently far from final, but I thought I’d share the song anyway. The inspiration for this was actually East European cartoons from the late 70′s I remember watching as kid, a couple of which had this dark and machinery like texture to them.

Guitars used on the track are my Jaden Rose Spider #3 and my Blackat Leon 8 proto, and the bass that so kindly gave me the workout of a lifetime is my cheapish 7-string HK, tuned F# to C, low to high. All the guitars are recorded through the Kemper into a Presonus 22SVL interface, whereas the bass was recorded direct and then processed via plugins, the ghetto way.

I hope you guys enjoy! :)

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