New guitar, new tune, album #2 in the making!

Some people have noticed my love for teles and singlecuts wasn’t meant to be, as there isn’t exactly an abundance of 7 and 8-string high quality guitars using these shapes as templates, so while I managed to get absolutely fantastic superstrats (as my Jaden Rose, Blackmachine, etc., show), high quality singlecuts seemed an impossibility to get without built-from-scratch custom orders.

This year, things did change! I got myself the fantastic Decibel AMX and an ESP T7, and that left only an 8-string super-tele to go. Until I met Tomek from Blackat guitars, and here she is:

Blackat Ninja 8

Here’s a video from a song in progress called Roland’s Last Stand, which will be featured on my second album (still untitled as of yet):

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