Caparison Guitars – Awesome Japanese boutique guitars, and the current weapons of choice.

Bare Knuckle Pickups – My pickups of choice – solid, unique voicings and clarity galore.

Hufschmid Picks – ergonomic, premium engineered materials and incessant experimentation make Patrick a force to be reckoned with. They also happen to be virtually immortal.

Sik Piks – As the name implies, these picks are an ingeniously yet sick concept, and one that captivated me since day one.

HESU cables – The backbone of all my studio endeavours, they also make awesome cabs, amps and cases.

Spectraflex cables – I have used these cables for ages, with awesome results. A staple in my cables bag along with the HESU kit.

Truth In Shredding – Mr. Laurie Monk is a legend among guitarists, and one of the select few to be so without being known for righteous guitar skills. On Laurie’s site, you’ll find a constantly updated collection of invaluable articles and links to fantastic players all over the world. Most recommended. – a fantastic site full of valuable information, and frequently visited by many luminaries of the 7, 8 and more strings world. A second virtual home of sorts for those passionate about extended range, myself included.

Rob Chapman Forum (Monkey Lord) – YouTube legend and a friend of mine. Rob attracts millions of views, yet this community remains an oasis of friendliness in the internet world. A fantastic place with a community Rob should always feel proud of.

Numbskull Audio – Matt Crawford is a very talented individual who is mixing and mastering my debut album at the moment. There are plenty of samples of his work on the website, so do check it out.