It’s been a while!

Hello, everyone!

It’s been a while since I last wrote here, and this because I’ve been tremendously busy as of late – aside from moving to a new apartment (with a conveniently awesome work room for me to do my stuff) – with recording the new album, a new band, and sorting much welcome support from companies I have been wanting to work with, namely Laney amps, Wampler pedals and Matrix amplification.

I’ll be giving the Laney Ironheart (and some of my righteous pedals) a workout with Ola Englund and Chimp Spanner on the 29th and 30th in Maldegem, Belgium. Do drop by if you’re in the vicinity – check Guitar Candy on Facebook for details.

“What is this new band you speak of?” I hear you ask. The band is The Firstborn, whose work I’ve always loved, and I’m looking forward to the upcoming gigs with them. We should start working on new material in not too long, I’d say. Check us out by clicking the image below!

I maintain the plan of putting the album out there by the end of this year / early 2013, so fear not, o ye who are eager to listen to new stuff from me.

As always, many many thanks for all the support you guys give to me, and for your interest in my work!


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