I’m back to making videos – GV Guitars Scythe baritone demo

First off, my apologies for the lack of YouTube content. Even though I’ve been tremendously busy in many fronts, most of the work revolved around my hired gun / session duties, and as such it isn’t too stimulating for those after my own projects. Some rather time consuming projects are done, some personal stuff resolved, and back to videos I go!

This is a demo of the GV Guitars Scythe baritone. Full specs are:
Body: maple
Body top: wenge veneer
Bridge: Evertune F6Bk
Neck: 7 ply maple/wenge/ash
Headstock: wenge top
Fingerboard: ebony


Signal chain is just guitar into my Kemper (using my usual profiles) and straight into a Focusrite Scarlett 1820 interface with only delays on lead bits, a hair of 80Hz cut on the rhythm part, and mastering as post-production so you can hear the guitar without excessive “makeup” on it.