Happy New Year! What’s coming in 2013?

Hello, everyone!

2012 was quite a rocking year when it comes to my musical endeavours, with a nicely packed agenda comprising gigs, music shows and demos all over the world. I can’t thank the people that made the whole “I’ll have some fun recording a solo album since I’m asked to all the time” idea turn into “playing all over the place and having people genuinely care about my musical nuttery” transition a reality! :)

I now have NAMM knocking at the door, and I foresee an awesome time like last year’s. This time around I’ll be doing some video /audio tracking on the spot to demo cool new kit that is being released, and I’ll have the chance to hang out with good friends, artists I respect and obviously snoop what the fine companies I work with are bringing along. If you happen to be coming to NAMM this year, I’ll be mainly hanging at the Jaden Rose Guitars stand, as one would expect (booth 5498), so do come and say “hi!”.

As a lot of you guys know, I’m in the final stages of recording the follow-up to “Atonement”, “Transcendence”. Hopefully the new album will be out by April, if all goes according to plan!

Thanks for all the support and here’s hoping you guys have a rocking 2013!

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