CD’s have been sent – tee printing delay

Hello, everyone!

This post contains good and not so good news.

The good news is that the ordered CD’s have now been sent (I truly wish that could have taken place earlier, but professional commitments in sunny California prevented me from doing this upon receiving the CD’s). Given the postal services estimations, I’d truly appreciate if you were to notify me should the package containing the CD not have arrived in two weeks, which is a most generous timeframe, so that I can take the necessary actions to ensure the swiftest resolution.

The less good news affect only those that oredered the tees. The plan was, of course, to ship the tees to their happy new owners at the same time the CD’s most had purchased, yet the test print from the company that was handling the task (it was promptly replaced) was, to be honest, nothing short of appalling. I refuse to send a subpar product to anyone, much like I refuse to accept one myself, and the printing is now being handled by a different company – I expect them to have a short turn around time, and the separate shipping will occur, of course, at my expense.

Regarding the tees, I also noticed, when ordering the quantities of each size, that many did not include the size in the paypal notes or email me regarding that matter. As such I would deeply appreciate it if you were to reply to this email mentioning the size you’d need. Thank you!

This entire process was, albeit longer than intended, most educational regarding future releases. Many contacts were made that ensure quality service, many bureaucratic traps unarmed, and the unfaltering support from people who are into my music was immensely inspiring, and I can’t thank you enough.

Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions!

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