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ArnoldPlaysGuitar – guest lead

So very shortly before NAMM, my friend Arnold Hablewitz asked whether anyone could help him out with a lead part for his channel Arnoldplaysguitar and I said “sure, hit me up”. Got the track and since this was thrash tune I didn’t focus a lot on technical perfection and just went for what felt right, [...]

I’m back to making videos – GV Guitars Scythe baritone demo

First off, my apologies for the lack of YouTube content. Even though I’ve been tremendously busy in many fronts, most of the work revolved around my hired gun / session duties, and as such it isn’t too stimulating for those after my own projects. Some rather time consuming projects are done, some personal stuff resolved, [...]

Taurus Dexter demo – Machina

This is the demo of my Taurus Dexter Mk2 Octaver (the Mk2 has a smaller footprint and accepts both 9 and 12V power supplies for greater convenience. Full specs: The Dexter is a polyphonic octaver with an independent octave above the original signal and another one below, both with their dedicated level and range [...]

Fred Brum New track – Stranded – .strandberg* #28 8-string