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Thank you so much!

What have I done just now? Ordered more CD’s – thanks to you guys I am on the verge of having none left and people are still ordering more. You have my deepest thanks for such a warm reception and for all the emails and messages – this was just something done as a way [...]

New track preview – Nebula featuring Rob Chapman

Here’s the last song to be included in my album Atonement: Nebula, featuring my friend Rob Chapman, who did a fantastic solo. Quite a demanding and extremely fun song to play, I tell you! Nebula – ft. Rob Chapman (rough mix) by Fred Brum

Guest Lead Track for Tomasz Mucha:

Yesterday I recorded a guest lead for my Polish friend Tomasz Mucha, whose project Musza you should should definitely check out here, and had a lot of fun doing it. Here’s the end result: Musza – Apterygidae (ft. Fred Brum) by Fred Brum Such are the joys of the internet – without it, how long [...]

New track preview up!

I’ve just uploaded a preview of my new track Soulless to Soundcloud. Soulless will be included in my upcoming album Atonement, due November this year. Enjoy! Soulless – rough mix by Fred Brum


And it’s my pleasure to announce that, after a laborious design job by Mr. Kalen, my website is now up and running, and still undergoing fast and furious improvement work. It’s been quite a wild ride to take care of my numerous engagements and make sure that Kalen would get the necessary materials to progress. [...]