Fred Brum was studying to be a classical pianist when he was 15, and listened to Zakk Wylde for the first time. Months later, obsessing about getting those raw, visceral sounds out of a guitar himself, he picked up his first guitar, not knowing he’d be setting foot on a stage professionally one short year after and working as hired gun for many artists by the time he was 19.

A very busy session musician , he favours 7-strings and other extended range guitars, such as 8-strings and 36-fret monsters to perform his work and has developed his style and approach around such instruments. Currently, he’s endorsed by Caparison Guitars, Bare Knuckle pickups, Laney Amplification, Randall Amplification, Matrix Guitar Amplification, Wampler pedals, AMT Electronics, Sik Pik / Hufschmid picks and Hesu cables.

Fred is busy promoting his second solo album “Transcendence” (a follow up to 2011′s “Atonement”), amidst a heavy gigging and teaching schedule, and has been the lead guitarist for, among others, prog/goth metal band Ethereal.