Monthly Archives: March 2012

A couple videos from Musikmesse 2012

In spite of Jaden Rose not being able to make it this year, which was a damn shame, I hung out with my friends and went around testing things, giving the new Blackat a good whipping, and enjoying some fantastic kit. Here’s a couple videos from this year’s Musikmesse – hope you enjoy them!

Atonement tees – update

Atonement tees will be done and ready to distribute in about 2 weeks, meaning I can send them out around the time I get back from the Musikmesse – here’s hoping no more hiccups appear. The whole process, from the botched attempt to the only company that would give me a reasonable delivery schedule without [...]

New guitar, new tune, album #2 in the making!

Some people have noticed my love for teles and singlecuts wasn’t meant to be, as there isn’t exactly an abundance of 7 and 8-string high quality guitars using these shapes as templates, so while I managed to get absolutely fantastic superstrats (as my Jaden Rose, Blackmachine, etc., show), high quality singlecuts seemed an impossibility to [...]