Monthly Archives: September 2011

Atonement CD / Tee preorder is up!

It is my pleasure to announce that, as promised, pre-orders for the CD version of Atonement, the Tee, and Tee + CD bundles are now available at Once again, I must thank everyone for the support I’ve received over all these years playing in the most varied projects! This album and all the blood [...]

New track preview – Ethereal

Ethereal – rough mix by Fred Brum And here’s my latest 8-string song, played with my customary Jaden Rose Spiders, as usual, and using my beaten to death Jaden Series 2 with DiMarzios in it. It’s a song about raw power transcending matter, and the title is also a small tribute to my mates in [...]

Download the free preview of my track Atonement for free

As a way to say “thank you” for the constant support of everyone, and also as heads-up regarding the upcoming release of my solo album Atonement, I’m giving away the title track’s MP3 preview for your own twisted means. All you have to do is to go here, and all it requires is for you [...]

Guest Lead Track for Tomasz Mucha:

Yesterday I recorded a guest lead for my Polish friend Tomasz Mucha, whose project Musza you should should definitely check out here, and had a lot of fun doing it. Here’s the end result: Musza – Apterygidae (ft. Fred Brum) by Fred Brum Such are the joys of the internet – without it, how long [...]

New track preview up!

I’ve just uploaded a preview of my new track Soulless to Soundcloud. Soulless will be included in my upcoming album Atonement, due November this year. Enjoy! Soulless – rough mix by Fred Brum